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January 9, 2012

56 Kingdoms of Ancient India

 The country now called India was once divided into 56 kingdoms. The borders of the kingdom are often marked by rivers, sometimes even forests and mountain ranges also forms the borders between two neighboring kingdoms. 
 A main city in the kingdom will act like a capital with the king and the courtsmen reside to administer the kingdom.  Tax was collected by the officers appointed by the king from these villages and towns. What the king offered in return to these villages and towns was protection from the attack of other kings and robber tribes, as well as from invading foreign nomadic tribes. The king also enforced code and order in his kingdom by punishing the guilty.
 There was no border security for a kingdom and border disputes were very rare. One king might conduct a military campaign (often designated as Digvijaya meaning victory over all the directions) and defeat another king in a battle, lasting for a day. The defeated king would acknowledge the supremacy of the victorious king. The defeated king might sometimes be asked to give a tribute to the victorious king. Such tribute would be collected only once, not on a periodic basis. The defeated king, in most cases, would be free to rule his own kingdom, without maintaining any contact with the victorious king.

 Kingdoms of Ancient India:
1.       Kuru
2.       Soorasena
3.       Kundhi
4.       Kundhala
5.       Virada
6.       Matsya
7.       Thirikartha
8.       Kekaya
9.       Bahliha
10.   Kosala
11.   Panjala
12.   Nishada
13.   Nishaadha
14.   Sedhi
15.   Dhasarna
16.   Vidharbha
17.   Avanti
18.   Malava
19.   Konkana/Sourashtra
20.   Koorjara
21.   Aabira
22.   Salva
23.   Sindhu
24.   Sowveera
25.   Parsi
26.   Vanayu
27.   Barbara
28.   Kiradha
29.   Gandhara
30.   Mathura
31.   Kashmir
32.   Kamboja
33.   Nepal
34.   Araata
35.   Vidheha
36.   Parvatha
37.   China
38.   Saamarooba
39.   Prakjothisha
40.   Simma
41.   Utkala
42.   Vanga
43.   Anga
44.   Maghadha
45.   Hehaya
46.   Kalinga
47.   Andhra
48.   Yavana
49.   Maharashtra
50.   Kulintha
51.   Dravida
52.   Chola
53.   Simmala
54.   Pandya
55.   Kerala
56.   Karnataka

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